? Bagpipe Summer School

We have a new site for Registration

All price schedules, discounts and information for minors are on the new registration site.
Parents/guardians who are registering minors (those who will be under 18 years at the time of the school), please make sure to state the date of birth in the registration form.
The minor must arrive with the "Medical Authorization From" and the "Permission Slip for Minor".
Please contact Cherie McGruer regarding any questions regarding payment.
Her cell number is 619.884.3157; email is cherie.mcgruer@gmail.com

Click HERE to register for the school.

Students who would like a private room:

Private rooms will be considered for occupancy as space is available; no guarantee will be made. Rooms will be assigned to the frist (date order) to request one with their registration. Room charge will be an additinoal $100 (cash or check) due at check-in. The single use room charge will not be charged unless the room is available and is not reflected in the current room and board pricing.