? Bagpipe Summer School
To register for the summer school, you must register on the College of Piping website.

Click on these instructions for details

If the link does not work, use your search engine to find College of Piping, Tuition/Schools, California School 2017>Instructions for registration process

Please review the payment options carefully. If you make a deposit, please make sure to pay the balance before the school starts. If you use a credit card, you should call the credit card company in advance and inform them you are making an overseas transaction, so that the transaction is not declined.

Please fill out the registration form entirely. We need your age and gender to make appropriate roommate assignments. Use the “Comments” section to let us know of any special circumstances or health considerations. The campus does not have full handicap facilities. If you have any questions, please contact Sue Jacobi, Administrator.

Minors: If you are under 18, bring the "Medical Authorization Form" and the "Permission Slip for a Minor", signed by a parent or guardian. Minors who are attending for the first time should submit a recommendation from their instructor with their registration form. The summer school cannot accept the responsibility for students under the age of 13 without a guardian or parent present on campus. If you have any questions, please contact Sue Jacobi, Administrator.
Permission Slip for Minors
Medical Authorization Form

What to Bring: All students are required to bring practice chanter, and bagpipes (if you have them). If you don't have bagpipes, do not worry, there will be plenty to do on the practice chanter. Bring spare reeds, seasoning, hemp, etc. Bring Highland attire for photo day and the public concert night. If you do not have a kilt, bring a plain white or black shirt to wear and/or a black jacket and some black slacks.

Personal Items to Bring: Beach towels, bath towels, swim suit, casual clothes, light jacket or sweatshirt (daytime highs are in the 80's and nighttime lows are in the 50's). Sun block is essential, as is insect repellant.

When you register please let us know your age and gender so that we can make appropriate roommate assignments. Also, please make us aware of any special circumstances or health considerations that we should be aware of.